Flies and Tactics

Rosslynlee is well known as a 'top of the water' fishery, which means a floating line can be used here most of the year, although on blustery days some anglers change to an intermediate line. The water itself is around 10-12 feet deep around the shallowest area and deepens gradually to around 22 feet at the dam.

Our anglers get good bags of fish by using flies such as Buzzers, Bloodworms, Nymphs, Damsels, Dancers, Cats Whiskers, and Black Fritz lures. From spring to autumn the dry-fly fishing is great fun with CDC's, Black Spiders, Dry Olive, Suspender Buzzers, Shipman Buzzers, Hoppers, Sedges, Muddlers, Daddies, and foam Beetles.

Fishing Report 8th July 2014

A selection of dry flies is now what's needed as we are having some great rises of trout coming up to take CDCs, Beetles, Black Spiders, Hoppers, Klinkhammers, Shipman Buzzers, Emergers, Suspender Buzzers, Hawthorns and Sedges. Anglers have also reported catching a few fish with dry Daddies.

Evening sessions have been very enjoyable. When they are not taking right off the top of the water then Nymphs, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Snatchers have been good choices.Lures such as Yellow Dancers, Cat's Whiskers, Hothead Damsels and Orange Fritz have also worked.

Robbie Boyd released 16 fish in a 6-hour session all taken on dry flies and Colin Laidlaw had many on CDCs and black Snatchers. A Hare's Ear Nymph for Davie Wilson gained him 4 for 13 lbs 8 oz, Mr Stirling had 4 for 12 lbs 8 oz on CDCs, B Little had 4 for 15 lbs on a Yellow Fritz and Bob Sives weighed in 2 for 8 lbs 6 oz hooked with a Hothead Damsel.

We have had very mixed weather over the past few weeks and the fishing has varied accordingly. Several hours of bright sunshine sent the fish down deeper in the water when they would take Hot-head Damsels, Dancers, Orange Fritz lures and Bloodworms. Robbie Boyd fished a 20-foot leader at the dam with a Goldhead Montana and gained several good trout.
Then cooler cloudy and breezy weather cooled the surface of the water again and the fish came back up to take dry flies such as Daddies, Hoppers, Sedges, Klinkhammers, Beetles and CDC's.
Even on a very windy evening Charlie and Gary Wilkinson caught fish with Daddies.

Recently Gordon Bunce hooked 14 trout with a Damsel and a Beetle, Chick Stewart had a total of 20 fish on a Black Pennel, M McRobbie weighed in 3 for 11 lbs 8 oz caught with a Yellow Dancer and D Duncan had 4 for 15 lbs. Mike Wilson's group from Fishers in Penicuik, fishing an evening session, took 16 fish weighing 53 lbs 5 oz with the heaviest bag taken by Stuart Rutherford at 2 for 8 lbs 14 oz. Mike had 2 for 7 lbs 7 oz on a UV Buzzer and Kenny Gray had 2 for 7 lbs 8 oz on a Suspender Buzzer.